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12th Conference of the International Council for Archaeozoology

12th Conference of the International Council for Archaeozoology
San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina
September 22-27, 2014

Call for papers for proposed session:
Dairying of non Bos domesticates
Please send proposals for papers including title, short (c. 100 words) abstract and affiliation to julia.cussans@ascontracts.co.uk no later than Mon 17th June. Apologies for the short deadline but I will be away in the week prior to the session proposal deadline and need to make sure it goes in on time.
Session Abstract
In the past much of the research and debate into dairying practices, particularly in Britain, has been focused on cattle and the presence of neonate animals. Payne’s (1973) mortality models, for sheep/goats show high infant mortality as indicative of dairying inferring that the mortality patterns seen in cattle dairying herds are likely to be reflected in other domesticates exploited for dairy products. However some recent studies of sheep/goat assemblages which do not follow the Payne’s idealised mortality model for milking have been interpreted as representing dairy economies (e.g. Cussans in press). Therefore it is necessary to more closely examine the evidence for dairying in domestic species other than cattle to determine to what extent such practices were carried out and how they may be recognised in the archaeological record.
Lines of inquiry may include, but are not limited to:
Archaeozoological  case studies, particularly including age and sex profiles
Ethnographic case studies
Isotopic analyses
Lipid residue analyses
Artefact studies
Studies of any non Bos species from all around the world are welcomed
Cussans, J.E.M. In press. Animal Bone. In I. Armit and J.T. McKenzie (eds.) An Inherited Place: Broxmouth hillfort and the southeast Scottish Iron Age. Society of Antiquaries of Scotland Monograph Series
Payne, S. 1973, ‘Kill-off patterns in sheep and goats: the mandibles from Aşvan Kale’, Anatolian Studies 23, 281-305
Session organisers
Julia E. M. Cussans (Archaeological Solutions ltd.) julia.cussans@ascontracts.co.uk
Jacqui Mulville (Cardiff University) MulvilleJA@cardiff.ac.uk

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